On October 6 & 7, we will again be returning to "The Sheid" on the campus of Arkansas State University in Mountain Home. We're really looking forward to this second year in this location and have some neat ideas and changes that we hope will make the Fly Fishing Fair enjoyable for all. Our VP of Development, Mike Tipton, will also function as the chairman of the event.

When you plan your visit to the Fair this year, please keep in mind that without each tyer, presenter, vendor, and attendee we wouldn't have a show.

We will have a shuttle service for those who cannot make the trek up the hill. We do ask that to conserve space in the shuttle, that tyers and vendors unload their items at the loading dock. Once that is accomplished, take your vehicle to the parking lot and Gary Flippin (Yeah, Gary) will pick you up and bring you to where you left your things.

Our Fly Tying co-chairs, Michael Lack and Dennis Reed, are busy filling out the schedule. The invitations have gone out and we just waiting to hear back from everyone. If you didn't get your invite, let them know!

Also, not to be forgotten are the annual awards. Check out the Awards page for the list of awards and requirements. The deadline for submission of nominations is July 1. Remember, to win,  you must first be nominated!!

Programs: our program chair, John Berry, is working hard to put together a great list of presentations that will surely keep you entertained as well as adding to your knowledge.

On my wish list right now is an Auction/Raffle chair. If you or someone you know might be interested in taking charge of the job, please let either me or Mike know as soon as possible. We have some terrific things already and anticipate adding a few more items to round out the selections.

Someone to run the Fly Casting Games and the Iron Man Fly contest is also needed. Wanna volunteers. I can guarantee you that you will have a blast!

I'm taking care of the Vendors and we've still got space left at this point. Check the list at the bottom of the Vendor page to see who's signed up so far!

Volunteers are always needed, so if you want to help out, just let me know.

Registration Forms will be posted sometime around the first of July, so keep watch!!

When I learned that Chris and Carol Jackson were leaving the position of Managing Director, I said to myself - Why not? I've come back to a position that I held for a number of years and am looking forward to a few more years in this position. Luckily, Ron Knight and the Executive Committee agreed to let me have another opportunity to have some fun. I may be requiring a bit more help from some of you since my partner is no longer with us.

See you in October!!

Pat Smith
Council Managing Director
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